Canon Cameras


You can now use Canon DSLR Cameras either through a USB cable or Wifi to take pictures using the IOC Snapshot Twain driver. As you take the images, the images will be sent to IOC Snapshot using the Canon EOS SDK.

This works in the IOC Snapshot Twain Driver, in addition to the Open Dental Plugin, VixWin Snapshot and Kodak Snapshot. Twain works with Dexis, Dentrix, Eaglesoft, XDR, Apteryx, etc, etc.

With USB, there are no drivers to install. With Wifi, you must install the Canon EOS Utility on your computer and pair the camera with that computer, once you do, you can take pictures over Wifi, but only to this one computer. IOC Snapshot requires zero configuration otherwise to use the Canon camera.

Alternative method: Another method for grabbing images from a Canon Camera that supports EOS is the Nikon method of IOC Snapshot which uses Airnef.

The benefit of Airnef over the EOS SDK, is that the EOS SDK requires you to pair the Canon EOS Utility with a single computer, and it only works with that computer. Airnef will work on all computers, because it always shows the camera the same client id so the camera doesn’t care which computer is asking.

*Canon has a newer SDK called CCAPI and I will try to add support for that but currently not many cameras support it because it is no new. The neat thing about the newer SDK is you don’t have to pair the camera with a computer to grab images.