Toshiba FlashAir


You can now use Toshiba FlashAir (wireless SDCard) to acquire pictures using the IOC Snapshot Twain driver. This is for cameras that do not have built-in wifi, and Toshiba is phasing them out because newer cameras have built-in wifi. You need to use the FlashAir W-04 model, which you can find on Amazon or Ebay.

This works through the IOC Snapshot Twain Driver, in addition to the Open Dental Plugin, VixWin Snapshot and Kodak Snapshot. Twain works with Dexis, Dentrix, Eaglesoft, XDR, Apteryx, etc, etc.

This works in the background using another free program called SnowyImageCopy which I modified and put in the IOCSnapshot\Files folder. The flash air card must have good latency, be close to an access point, and you should be able to ping the card on the network using the name FlashAir. Also, the camera’s date and time must match the computer’s date and time.

I would test the FlashAir’s connection to your network with SnowyImageCopy alone before using IOCSnapshot because I hide Snowy in the background so you cannot easily see what it is doing.

I created this for a single office, and every operatory has a ubiquiti access point! In addition to that, I had to put a static ip address on the flash card because it didn’t like the cisco dhcp server. It is finicky, but when it does work, it works.